Print Advertising

What print advertising should be used for

For some subject areas where the market is quite niche then advertising in carefully selected specialist publications, read by the market, can help support both product awareness and generate enquiries.

However most print advertising - particularly in the national press - will do little to support enquiry generation and if not planned as part of an integrated marketing communications campaign with powerful creative can be a huge waste of money.

The importance of powerful, meaningful creative impact

Adverts in print media are competing against many messages in a publication - not only other adverts but also news stories and features. A print advertisement has to work very hard to be noticed by your target audience and communicate a message that is strong enough to stay in the minds of your target audience.

The creative impact that your advertisement has is critical to the success of print advertising. The objective should be to raise awareness of your course/activity and the University in an imaginative way.

Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image.
David Oglivy 

The University's advertising agency can help you to create advertising that will have impact and convey the right messages and the University's brand values effectively. 

The importance of media planning

Media planning will allow you to spend your advertising budget most effectively because it means that advertising space can be bought in bulk, and therefore price can be negotiated. But also importantly it means that your print advertising is part of a strategically-led communications plan to support product and brand awareness, rather than ad hoc placements where the message is more likely to be lost.

Media planning should be done with the University's advertising agency and the Marketing Communications Office.

It is essential that any advertising placed should measure response and do so through the University's Enquiries Management System.

Please note that all advertising placed by anyone within the University must be placed through the University's advertising agency, this means that the correct University templates can be used.

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