Online Advertising

The University has invested significant amounts of money in online advertising - pay-per-click (PPC), display and social network advertising - and has seen extremely good return on investment. This is the most effective form of lead generation in terms of cost effectiveness and volume.

  • At undergraduate level 9% of enquiries are generated by online searching (excluding UCAS website).
  • At postgraduate level this rises to a massive 38% of enquiries that are generated by online search, and to levels of 50% for some departments and in particular for departments with distance learning programmes.

Measuring ROI

We measure advertising return on investment (ROI) as the cost of an advert divided by the number of enquiries generated by that advert. On average print advertising has a return on investment of between £200 to as much as £2,000 per enquiry! In comparison return on investment for online advertising averages between £7-£35 per enquiry.

It is essential therefore that any advertising placed should measure response and do so through the University's Enquiries Management System. This means that course web pages, and particularly landing pages for pay-per-click campaigns, should be linked through to the enquiry web forms to optimise enquiry capture.

Over the coming months and years we should be looking to invest an even greater proportion of our advertising budgets into this medium.

Our markets are very web savvy and brand management on the internet will become increasingly important. Word of mouth along with web searching are two major sources of information about university products and reputation. Social media has added a whole new dimension to online word of mouth. Our prospective and current students use the internet extensively and act as ambassadors (or not) for our brand. Optimising as well as managing University presence in this arena will become an important strategic consideration.

To discuss online advertising please contact Imran Awan

Please note that advertising placed by anyone within the University should be placed through the University's advertising agency, who are specialists in online advertising and search.

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