Space and Property Management

This team deals with requests for additional space, maintains a full record of University space and manages buying, selling and leasing of property.

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The Space and Property Management team are responsible for ensuring the best use of space within the University.  To do this we have an Asset Manager who looks after the lease and sale of property and a Property Data Officer who is responsible for maintaining the MICAD database.  The service also maintains a detailed and accurate record of space usage in the University through the MiCAD Intranet Property Register Database.  It is essential that the University supplies accurate data on space use as MiCAD is used to generate Estates Management Statistics (EMS) reports to HESA and Transparent Approach to Costing (TRAC) reports to HEFCE which directly affect the University's funding from the Government.

Space Allocation

Departments needing extra space for new staff or students should discuss with our .  All space allocation follows the University Space Allocation Principles December 2016- acrobat.gif

What we do

We will:

  • Maintain an accurate record of the space and space use within the University through the MICAD Intranet Property Register database.
  • Conduct an annual space survey.
  • Provide a responsive service to requests to space.
  • Work with customers to develop an awareness of the importance of efficient space utilisation.
  • Provide customers with information on space use within their department.
  • Allocate room numbers as required using the room numbering procedure.

What we need you to do

For us to maintain this level of standard you will need to:

  • Provide a space management liaison contact for your department.
  • Inform the Property Data Management Officer of any changes to use of space within your department.
  • Complete the Annual Space Survey as requested.
  • Follow the agreed procedures for requests for space, taking particular note of deadlines.

Service Availability

This is a core service available year round.

Service Charges

There is no charge to academic or corporate service departments for this service.

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