Requests for New Building and Refurbishment Works

How to request new estates works, how works are funded

Departmental requests for all new building and internal refurbishment works should be made by completing the new works request form.  Please note that there is an expectation that the works have been discussed and agreed and that funding has been secured. We will only provide quotations for works to inform bids to external funding bodies.

All new requests are considered at a fortnightly meeting by a team of Senior Managers who can allocate works requests to a member of their professional team.   Before completing a works request form please check the guidance below as any completed forms that do not meet the guidance will be rejected.

Please allow a minimum of 60 working days from project request to completion of works.

Guidance for Completing the Works Request Form

A field by field guide

Project Title

This brief description of the works will be used to create the SAP Finance record in Estates it is limited to 40 characters. e.g. "154  Upper New Walk,Rm 0.01,reception"

Departmental Lead/Contact for Works Projects

This will be the person who will have regular contact with our professional team, they will need to have a detailed knowledge of the works required, and the authority to make decisions, normally operational or technical managers.

Project Sponsor

The Senior Budget Holder with authority to sign-off against the budget.  Normally Head of Department, Principle Investigator, Departmental Operations Managers.  For small works the Departmental Lead and Project Sponsor might be the same person.

Charge Code

Please provide a SAP charge code.


Please state the maximum available funds.

Site, Building, Rooms

Please provide exact location of works - if this is works for a bid and the location is not known, please put "not known"

Description of Works

Please provide as much detail as you can as this will help us to allocate to a member of our professional team.


The overall aim of the project.  Text might be taken from the supporting Business Case or funding bid.

Sources of Works Funding

Capital Programme

Capital Projects are investment projects adding value to the Estate, either by new build or significantly improving existing buildings (e.g. Percy Gee refurbishment).  Because they represent an investment Capital Projects are funded over a period of time normally by grant or loan.

Suggestions for Capital Projects should be discussed at College level and should not come through the Estates Requests for New Works process.

Research Grant and Other Grant Applications

Departments should consider the estates costs when submitting a bid for research or other external funding, whether to accommodate new staff or new equipment.  Departments requiring a cost estimate for a research bid should complete the new works request form.

Departmentally Funded Works

If departments can fund works within their own areas from a departmental budget or external grant, Estates & Campus Services will carry out the works, providing these fit in with University and College plans.

Estates & Campus Services do not have additional funds to underwrite works therefore we will need to know the available departmental funds in advance of commencing the works.

Estates & Campus Services Annual Budgets

Estates & Campus Services have annual budgets for building, maintenance and refurbishment works; these are fixed budgets which are allocated on a recurrent basis for each financial year 1 August running to the 31 July.  These include a small budget for contingency works to accommodate changes in staffing or a requirement for additional learning or research space.  Any requests for changes of use of space or refurbishment to accommodate new members of staff should be discussed at College level before coming to us.  All other works funding is spent on maintenance of existing stock, repairs, compliance and a planned programme based on an external condition survey and prioritised according to set criteria.

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