Building Projects - The Projects and Planning Team

The Projects and Planning Team manage all University major build and refurbishment works.

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The Projects and Planning Team provide a professional consultancy service and interface to the administrative departments, academic departments, and residential services, for effective management of building and refurbishment projects from inception through design and implementation to completion.

  • To find out more about plans for our University please
  • For information on what we are building at the moment see Current Projects.
  • For information on the work we have already done see Recently Completed Projects.

Departments should first discuss any building or works projects within the College to ensure that they fit in with College plans.  For further information please see the Requests for New Works page.   Please note that decisions on Capital Funding are made at University level.

What you can expect from us

We will:

  • Provide advice and information on construction aspects of the University’s projects and studies.
  • Provide you with sufficient information to make to make informed decisions.
  • Ensure that all University and legal compliances are met.
  • Manage the closure of the project to your satisfaction including the identification and reparation of any defects.

What we need you to do

  • Secure funding for the scheme.
  • Provide a liaison officer for the project.
  • Nominate senior stakeholders to act on Project Implementation Teams.
  • Provide departmental charge codes for all additional requests.
  • Provide and sign off a formal brief.

Service availability

This is a core service provided year round.

Service charges

There is no direct charge for the consultancy and project management services to academic and corporate service departments.

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