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Staff parking procedures

There are not enough parking spaces at the University car parks for all the staff who wish to park, therefore permit issue has to be controlled. The University's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint also means that alternative transport and car-sharing is actively encouraged. Within these constraints, the University issues parking permits fairly.  Please note that permits give the holder permission to hunt for a parking space; in order to maximise the efficiency of the system we do have to issue more permits than there are spaces and therefore we cannot guarantee that spaces will be available in any particular car park on any given day.

Staff parking permits due to expire in December 2016 will be extended until 31 December 2017, there is no need for existing permit holders to reapply.  Please see our parking permit renewal page for further details.

  • Types of parking permit - Staff who travel by car to any University site, including hospital sites, can apply for one of three different types of parking permit: Full permit, flexi-permit or car share permit. There are also specific permits available to Blue Badge holders.
  • How the scheme works - All staff can apply for a permit, using the online form or a printed form. All applications will be considered as they are received. If you are on University Payroll the payment will be deducted from your salary, otherwise you will need to pay by cash or cheque.
  • Eligibility criteria for parking permit applications - All applications for parking permits are judged against certain criteria on a points system. These criteria include medical conditions, caring/parental responsibilities, business-related car use and access to alternative transport options.

How much are permits?

  • Full permit price list.
  • Flexi permit prices for 2016 are 75p each scratchcard valid for 1 days parking, sold in books of 5 at £3.75 per book.

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1st Floor, Above the Post Room

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(0116) 252 2546