Parking at the University of Leicester

Car parking for University of Leicester staff and visitors

Because of the limited number of parking spaces, we do not issue parking permits to students.

Car Parking Office

The Car Parking Office is located above the post room, next to the Fielding Johnson Building, South Wing, The opening hours are 8.30am- 4.30pm.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Parking Office on

Parking and drop off for coaches, heavy goods vehicles and heavy plant must be pre-arranged with security, please see our outdoor spaces page for further details.

Staff Parking Permit Renewal 2018

The current parking permits expired at the end of December 2017 and you will not be required to apply for a new parking permit for 2018. During January we will be issuing new display permits to all current permit holders.This applies to all permits other than those at hospital sites. To help us manage this process, please ensure that your details are up to date via the SAP Employee Self Service.

Please contact the Carparking Office by emailing for the following:

  • If you require additional scratchcards (flexi-permits)
  • If you are a registered car share permit holder
  • If your vehicle or requirements have changed, or if you no longer require a permit

Updates for 2018

As you may know, we are intending to build a new car park as part of the Freemen’s Common project, and we are also seeking to change our permit system. To enable us to concentrate on these two important developments, we are not seeking to make major changes to the existing system at this time.

Applying for a permit

If you do not currently have a permit, but wish to apply for one, please complete the application form and email it to the Carparking Office.


Where possible all payments will be processed through payroll. Individuals who are unable to pay via payroll will need to pay via Once payment is received the permit/scratchcards will be forwarded.

Office moves

We are aware that there are a number of office moves planned for 2018. We will be picking up any parking implications directly with anybody impacted by these changes. Parking considerations are being factored into all projects and where we are able to mitigate concerns over parking spaces we will do so.

Hospital Sites

Hospital sites will continue to be processed separately as our permits are provided by the Hospital Trust at defined intervals. See below for current expiry dates

Leicester Royal Infirmary Multi Story           Expires 31 December 2018

Leicester Royal Infirmary NCP                     Expires 31 December 2018

Glenfield General Hospital                           Expires 28 February 2018

Leicester General Hospital                           Expires 30 September 2018

Those granted parking on University car parks (using full, flexi, temporary or visitors permits) are to note that as part of their request to park they will agree to a sharing of their application data with those involved in parking enforcement. This may include sharing data in accordance with the Data Protection Act with a third party enforcement company (who are approved under the British Parking Association's Approved Operator Scheme) who may seek registered keeper details from DVLA to assist in enforcement.

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