Portering and Cleaning Services (PACS)

How the portering and cleaning and contracted out, feminine hygiene, pest control and window cleaning services operate


Contact the Service

Please see the contact a porter page.


The cleaners work from 7:00 – 10:00 each morning; each of the main buildings has a lead cleaner who works from 7:00 – 12:30 – if you have any issues with the cleaning, or special requests for a room to be cleaned you can speak to your lead cleaner.


The porters work in zones; each zone has a supervisor who is responsible for ensuring that the work is delivered.  Within zones there are portering team leaders who are responsible for supervising the work of the porters within a building or collection of buildings.  Please contact your zone porters to get into locked rooms, to get things moved or for emergency cleaning following a spillage.

Contracted Out Services

Queries on these services should be addressed to the Facilities Management Contracts Officer,  Reshma Vanza-Adam extension 1434.

  • Feminine hygiene
  • Pest control (wasps, insects, mice, pigeons)
  • Window cleaning

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