Access Cards

Access cards services at the University of Leicester

All staff and students are issued with a University Swipe/ID card when they arrive at the University.  These pages provide detailed information on use of the card.

Terms and Conditions for use must be read before you use your card. The data provided by the use of your card may be used to audit activities and ensure the proper use of facilities and services.

Card Services

  • Security

The University Card should be visible at all times whilst on Campus.  This ensures that the security of the Campus and buildings is maintained and people who should not be accessing the site can be identified and challenged by an appropriate member of the University.

  • Student Registration

The University Card will prove your membership of the University and the colour will indicate the type of membership (undergraduate; postgraduate; staff; community member; medical student etc).  For students it will be used to confirm identity at your exams and will also be used by your department to register attendance.

  • Attendance Management

The University Card is used for students to register their attendance at lectures and seminars using the in-room card readers. Cards must not be used by anyone else other than the authorised holder of that card. Further details can be found on the attendance management page.

  • Door Access

A number of the doors around the University require a swipe card to enter, some doors only require a card after working hours, others require a card each time you need to enter. Your card will be activated for door entry automatically when you receive your card and the access level will depend on your department, course, status and job role.

If you choose to undertake study in modules from outside your department you may not have the correct access level on your University card to access these areas. Please speak to your departmental administrator to ask them to contact Security on your behalf to authorise access into the new area.

  • Library Access

The David Wilson Library requires a swipe card for entry and for the borrowing of books. For students, the University card is also the Library card.

University staff will also have a combined University card and Library card if it was produced after December 6th 2013.

Community members require a separate Library card that is issued by the David Wilson Library.

The Library Enquiry Service are happy to receive membership enquiries from University staff and visitors by email or telephone 0116 252 2043 or in person at the Library Reception.

  • Sports Membership

When you sign up for sports membership the University Card (or Sports Card) will enable you to access the Sports Centres on Main Campus and at Manor Road, Oadby.

  • Car Park Access

If you are allocated a car park permit the access to your designated car park will be added to the University Card and this can be used to swipe access at the barrier (where fitted).

  • Hospital Hopper Bus

The PINK University Card is used by Medical students and will allow free travel on the Hospital Hopper Bus.

Staff cards will also provide free travel.

All other University Cards will enable discounted travel.

See the Environment Team webpage for further details.

  • Cycle Podium Store

If you register to use the cycle podium store under the David Wilson Library then you will have access added to your ID card automatically once you are registered.  Please see the University Bike Park Page for further details.

  • MFD Login

Staff are able to use their University card to log into Smart Printers. For further information see the Smart Printer Log-in guidance page.

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