Tree Policy Statement

The University of Leicester acknowledges that trees on its campus are a vital asset for students, staff, and the wider public providing significant social, well being, capital, economic returns, wildlife and environmental benefits.  For these reasons trees have been placed high on the priorities in all aspects of the University activities to make the University campuses and residential accommodation a liveable, attractive and healthy place to work and study.

The University will actively identify opportunities to increase tree canopy cover across its estate to enhance these benefits. This will be achieved through new plantings “the right tree in the right location” so, as the mature tree stock declines new trees are establishing.  Diversifying the University’s urban forest species range will increase resilience to climate change and its inherent risks such as, drought, pest and disease attack. A range of tree species both native and exotic will provide differing displays throughout the seasons of arboreal interest.

Trees like all living things grow, age and eventually die. Tree removal is a “last resort option” as public safety by necessity must take priority. Selective tree removal and replacement programs, over many years, will ensure continued canopy cover and the numerous benefits trees provide are sustained for future generations. The University will assess all trees proposed for removal on its property and implement tree removal and replacement programs as required.

Our trees growing in the urban environment require specialised care and management because of the high usage around them and the level of interest. The University of Leicester is committed to a high quality maintenance regime that provides adequate resources for the long-term health of its urban forest.

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