University Furniture Recycling Scheme Saves £146,757 in 2016

Posted by kab14 at Dec 21, 2016 02:55 PM |
Re-use of quality furniture has saved the University £461,635 since January 2012

For several years our Interiors Team have been operating a sustainability scheme to re-use high quality furniture whenever possible.  Good quality furniture is moved to store when it is not suitable for the current space, normally because the use of the space has changed and the furniture no longer fits or is unsuitable (e.g. conversion of office space to teaching or social learning space). When Interiors are asked to provide new furniture, they check the store first before going down the new purchase route.  In the calendar year 2016 the scheme saved the University £146,757 and equally importantly reduced our carbon footprint by saving 1,149 tonnes of CO2.  The savings in both carbon and pounds have increased year on  year and since January 2012 this sustainability initiative has saved the University a total of £461,635.

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