Stamford Dining Hall

Remodelling the Denys Lasdun designed dining hall to create a retail style high street eatery, with skillful design of lighting and fittings.

The remodelled facility
The remodelling of Stamford Dining Hall, built in 1964 and designed by famous brutalist architect Denys Lasdun, from a traditional style student dining facility to create a retail ‘High Street’ style eatery and social space with a mixed seating  environment. The brutalist architecture has been skilfully softened with the introduction of the floating cloud ceiling and lights to provide a bright space in the morning during the ‘grab & go’ breakfast period and more mellow atmosphere in the evening.

The new facility now serves both hot and cold food and the  set up of the counters allows clear views of the enticing menus, and flexibility to have themed events.

Stamford Dining Before.jpg
The original style dining hall

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