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Latest News - Updated 26 March 2012

The works to the library podium are now complete.  The cycle store will be opening shortly and there will be a special launch event on 8 May 2012.  For more about the cycle store and how to apply, please visit the environment team podium bike store page.

3 February 2012

The picture below shows a view of the works site from above (click on the image for a full screen view). The steps to the underground podium are to the left of the picture.  Most of the current work is surface landscaping and the project is on schedule to finish in March 2012.


27 January 2012

Works will recommence on Monday 30 January 2012  following a short break for the examinations period.

6 January 2012

From Monday 9 January access to the David Wilson Library will be via the door closest to the Engineering building.  As part of this work there will also be no access to the Library via the walkway between the Fielding Johnson South Wing and the School of Law. Please see map for details.

17 November 2011

From Monday 21 November 2011 the main entrance to the School of Law will be closed as works commence in front of the building.  Entrance to the school will be via the side entrance from the path that runs between the Library to the Fielding Johnson building (as if going towards the Sir Peter Williams lecture theatre).  The new route is marked in blue on the site map.

11 November 2011

Works continue to progress well with the underground cycle store structure now complete. The Contractor will now commence works on the paving.  From Monday 14 November 2011 hoardings will be placed closer to the Library and Library Cafe.  Entrance to the cafe will be through the hoardings and the fire escape routes from the Library and cafe will change.  All routes will be clearly marked.

16 September 2011

Work is being undertaken to widen the steps to the library, this should be completed by 3 October 2011.  Please use the ramp to gain access to the Library whilst these works take place.

8 September 2011

Works on the foundations for the podium are continuing to progress well.  During the week beginning 12 September works will continue on fixing the podium steel to the base foundation.  On Friday 16 September there might be increased heavy traffic to enable the delivery of the concrete that will fill the base of the site.

26 August 2011

There will be no works on Monday 29 August; further excavation works will take place on Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 followed by works to fill the basement with concrete later in the week.  There will be heavy (8 wheeler) lorry traffic to transport the excavated dirt off site and you are asked to take care when crossing the roadways on main campus.

19 August 2011

The noisy piling works are now due to start on 19 August and finish by 25 August.

15 August 2011


On Wednesday 17 August 2011 piling will start in the podium area site.  This is essential work which will set deep foundations and ensure a sturdy base for construction of the new podium and cycle store.

8 August 2011

Civil Engineering work continues in front of the library. Please be careful as lorries will continue to travel through campus collecting excavated material and importing gravel and stones.   Work is underway on the deep sewer diversion that will ultimately enable the installation of the bike store.  Hoardings around podium works have been completed on schedule. Please see new pedestrian access routes marked in blue on the map; the areas marked in orange show where the trenches are being dug for the District Energy Scheme.

26 July 2011

The works to clear the site in preparation for the new podium have commenced; site clearance will continue and excavation has started; these works are noisy and will be curtailed as necessary during Open Day on Wednesday 27 July 2011.  The works will generate a considerably amount of debris which needs to be moved off campus.  From Thursday 28 July 2011 there will be very large (8- wheeler) lorries on campus to transport the debris off-site.

18 July 2011

Changes have been made to pedestrian routes in the area. Please see the  map; the cordoned off area  is marked in red and the new access routes are marked in blue. Some exploratory works are taking place in the podium area. The hoardings to cordon off the works site are currently being erected.  The hoardings will display information about the project, including regular updates on the forthcoming works.  Updates will also appear on this page.

About the Scheme

DWLpodiumwhole.pngThe area in front of the David Wilson Library and the School of Law will be excavated to enable infrastructure improvements. The re-landscaped area will allow improved disabled access, will be strengthened to enable the accommodation of heavy plant, and will accommodate a 300 space cycle store.   The drawing on the right shows how the final site will look; with the entrance to the bike store next to the Engineering Building and two new disabled access ramps. Click on the image for a full screen view.

How will the works affect me?

In order to minimise disruption, hoardings will be erected around the podium area.  This will mean a change to some of the pedestrian access routes to the David Wilson Library and School of Law as illustrated in the map.

There will inevitably be periods of noisy work  involving digging equipment and vehicle movements. Neighbouring departments will be consulted about these, so that, if necessary, alternative work arrangements can be made. More detailed information will be provided as soon as the work schedule is finalised.

Why is this work necessary?

There are a number of key aims and objectives for this work;

  • to strengthen the podium so that it can take the weight of window cleaning and maintenance cranes
  • to improve lighting and access to the Library and School of Law
  • to improve the aesthetics in line with the University’s strategy to enhance the spaces between buildings

Improvements to the Podium area were identified during the refurbishment of the Library and are being funded by a one off HEFCE capital stream.

These works will complete the vision for our award winning Library - central to the University’s strategy for developing the estate in line with its aspirations to be a top 10 university, committed to the student experience and able to compete effectively in a global market.

The work has also provided an opportunity to create a new parking store for approximately 300 cycles which will be built underneath the podium itself.   The creation of a new bike store is central to the aims set out in the University’s Travel Plan and also illustrates the continued commitment to creating a more sustainable University.

When will work start?

The work is scheduled to start on Monday 18 July 2011 with the aim of completing the works by mid-2012.

How can I keep up with the programme of works?

A programme will be published on the hoardings erected around the works site.  There will also be regular updates on this website.

How much is this going to cost?

Works are estimated at £1.6 million and are funded by a HEFCE capital grant; this money is ringfenced for these works.

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