Michael Atiyah Annex

The Michael Atiyah is a special building, not only does it allow for the expansion of the Space Research Centre by accommodating research staff and housing 5 new laboratories,  but is also the only main campus building to be constructed off site, brought in by lorry and assembled here. The specialist areas accommodated include: earth observation science,  high-energy gamma-ray astronomy and high-speed detectors and electronics,

MATemplorry.gifThe modular building provides 575 sq.m. of floor space and the total cost of the project was  £1.4m.  Works commenced in July 2010 and were completed by the beginning of November 2010. Following site preparation works, the building was delivered to the University as 14 modular units that bolted together.


The University was greatly assisted by Leicester City Council who allowed the building modules to be delivered to site via access through Victoria Park and even removed bollards on the A6/Victoria Park roundabout to accommodate extra wide lorries. It was fortuitous that there was just sufficient space between existing mature trees to enable the units to be craned in over the corner of the existing Michael Atiyah Building.

The finished results exceed expectations in terms of the quality of the building and the overall appearance is not too dissimilar to the permanent Michael Atiyah Building.

OpeningMichaelAtiyah.jpgThe building was officially opened by David Willetts, the Minister of State for Universities and Science on 17 January 2011.

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