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Road works associated with the District Energy Scheme are under the control of Leicester City Council and not of the University.  The Council publishes weekly bulletins about forthcoming road works on its news page.

Latest News - Update 28 November 2012

The scheme was officially opened in the Medical Sciences Building Plant Room by Christine Fyfe, Pro Vice-Chancellor on the afternoon of Tuesday 27 November 2012.  The picture below shows Christine with members of Cofely District Energy Ltd and Leicester City Council together with Chrispal Anand the University Energy Manager and Emma Fieldhouse our Environment Manager.DESRibboncutting.jpg

26 November 2012

The official opening of the District Energy Scheme will be held this Tuesday 27 November 2012.  The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place outside the Maurice Shock Medical Sciences Building plant room (front of building near the cemetery end) and will be performed by the Deputy Mayor, Rory Palmer and Christine Fyfe, Pro-Vice-Chancellor at 2.15pm.  After the ceremony, the dignitaries will be given a short tour of the Energy Centre before coaches depart for another opening ceremony at the Beatty Avenue Biomass centre at around 3.30pm.

21 November 2012

There will be a Blue Ribbon Cutting event to open the Scheme held in the Maurice Shock Energy Centre on Tuesday 27 November 2012.  The Centre will be opened by the Deputy Mayor of Leicester.

18 September 2012

We are now approaching completion of the project. The main CHP Engines are in place inside the recently extended MSB plant room and are currently undergoing commissioning and testing. Some building works are on-going around this area but will shortly be completed and the site will become available again for users. The main pipework infrastructure around the Main Campus has been pressure tested to 20 Bar and is currently full of water. Some warm water is being pumped around the new pipework to enable it to expand and move into a working position. As such, over the next couple of weeks, you may experience some intermittent bursts of low levels of heat from heat emitters (radiators, fan units etc.) whilst the new Heat Source equipment comes into use.  From October 2012 the on campus heating will be from the new fully functioning CHP units.

25 June 2012

A large crane/digger will be laying pipes into the ground by the Charles Wilson Building steps on 26, 28 and June 2012.  This will necessitate the closure of car parking spaces opposite.

There will be road works on the Lancaster Road/University Road junction from Tuesday 3 July 2012.  The turning from University Road onto Lancaster Road will be closed and the exit from Lancaster Road to University Road will be one way.

11 June 2012

There will be works in the plant rooms in the Ken Edwards, Bennett, Percy Gee and the Computer/Bio Centre buildings starting from Monday 18 June 2012 and due for completion by the end of July 2012.  Acorn Mechanical on behalf of Cofely will be undertaking the works.  They are currently working inthe Engineering and R Block and will be until 6 August 2012.

We have had assurances by Cofely that the works will still maintain services to the buildings concerned.

Any updates to the works or services to be undertaken will be reported ahead of any effect to service users.

16 April 2012

worksmayorswalk.jpgFrom Wednesday 25 April resurfacing and lining works will take place at the bottom of Mayors Walk (click on picture for a full screen view).  Works  will be done one side at a time so traffic flow will be maintained for the exit route. The works will be completed on Friday 27 April 2012.

Cyclists are advised to dismount and walk on the pavement as the cycle path is part of these works.

From Thursday 19 - Monday 23 April  an air valve  will be installed at the top of Mayors Walk.  These works  will not effect traffic.

15 March 2012

Digging works adjacent to the Percy Gee Building are scheduled to finish by Friday 30 March 2012.

2 March 2012

Work will commence on the last area of digging across main campus on Thursday 8 March 2012.  This will link the Engineering Building boiler house up with the rest of the system.  Work in the boiler rooms in the Medical Sciences Building will continue until beyond the Easter vacation period.

31 January 2012

MSBBOILER.jpgNew CHP Units Sucessfully Installed

The picture right shows the  first of the large Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units (weighing 15.5 tons ) being delivered to the MSB Plant Room on Monday 30 January 2012 .   The story was covered in the Leicester Mercury.  To view more pictures please visit the gallery.

24 January 2012

On Monday 30 October the new Combined Heat and Power Engines will be delivered to the Medical Sciences Building Plant Room.  To enable the delivery to take place the MSB car park will be closed for most of the day.

17 January 2012

The heating systems in the Henry Wellcome and Hodgkin buildings will be shut down on Saturday 21 January 2012 from 6:00 am for approximately 7 hours.  The shutdown is necessary to  upgrade existing  systems in preparation for the new district heating equipment including the installation of the  new boilers in the Medical Sciences Building plant room.

21 December 2011

Vehicular exit on Mayor's Walk will be on the Percy Gee side until after the Christmas vacation period.

Most of the trench digging work is now complete - works in the plant rooms will continue until easter 2012.

24 November 2011

Heating shutdown has been confirmed for Saturday 26 November from 0800 to 2000 hours approximately. The MSB plant room works are essential at this time to enable the first use of a major section of the newly installed pipe work, linking George Porter to the MSB Plant Room, and to enable further progress towards the installation of the new CHP units within MSB plant room in January 2012. Electric supplies are not effected.

18 November 2011

The area from the bottom of Mayors Walk, the Cycle Path side, up to the Entrance to the Computer Centre, up to the middle white lines dividing the exit road will be fenced off from Saturday 19 November 2011.  Cyclist and pedestrians will be the people affected by this work; road traffic will follow the normal exit down Mayors Walk with the electric barrier unaffected.

The fenced area will become a compound for lorries delivering and clearing soil which will re-instate the grounds in front of the Computer Centre. The work is expected to last from this Saturday 19th November until Friday 25 November 2011.

Work is progressing in the park and also on the junction between the Attenborough Building and the park.

11 November 2011

Over the weekend of 12 and 13 November works will continue on the corner of George Porter the rear road which leads to the Rattray and Adrian Building. There will also be a team working outside the Computer Centre backfilling the trench and landscaping the area.

28 October 2011

RoadClosure.jpgThe section of Lancaster Road under the railway bridge will be closed from Monday 31 October 2011 for four weeks; see picture right.  It will not be possible to access Lancaster Road from Waterloo Way (Tigers Way).  The car parks outside the MSB, Henry Wellcome and Opal Court will remain open and can be accessed via De Montfort Street or from the Welford Road end of University Road. Diversions will be signed.

On Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October, 8:00am - 5pm,  the contractors will be working on the Attenborough Tower Road Crossing, and also at the road end of George Porter Building.   The Attenborough Road Crossing Works will close the access around the Attenborough Tower Road route for the majority of Saturday until road cover plates can be positioned.

20 October 2011

Work will be undertaken by Cofely starting on Saturday 22 October 2011 to increase the trench width in front of the Computer Centre.  To enable this to be done a digger will need to work from the cycle route side of Mayor's Walk temporarily closing it for the period of excavation.  A few sections of Heras fencing will be erected to enclose the digger area.  It is envisaged that this area will be re-opened before Monday 24 October 2011.

Cyclists should use alternative entrances at entrance 1 or via Victoria park which can be accessed from Mayor's walk during the weekend of 22 and 23 October 2011.

18 October 2011

Atttenboroughbase.jpgCofely will soon be conducting an exploratory dig at the base of the Attenborough Tower on to check the footing depth and construction.  The digging will be in the area adjacent to the boiler house wall pipe entrance (pictured right) and will be fenced off.  There will be some noise disturbance from the digging but traffic, bike parking and fire exits will not be affected.

13 October 2011

Works will commence on the access road from the University Road side of the Percy Gee Building to the area between the Percy Gee and Ken Edwards Building.  This road will be closed from Friday 14 October 2011.

3 October 2011

The on-campus trench digging for all road areas is completed for the time being and all campus roads are open. There will still be some works to connect boiler houses to the system and works will start in Victoria Park.

26 September 2011

The works on Mayors Walk have been delayed as weekend working was postponed to accommodate the Open Day on Saturday 24 September.   The contractors have completed the majority of the on-campus digging  and pipe laying and are on-schedule to complete all works before the start of term.

The area around the Charles Wilson Building has been cordoned off to enable the car parking bays to be re-lined.

16 September 2011

The extra crews working on-site and the switch to weekend working have enabled the majority of the works to be  completed on or ahead of schedule.

  • Revised timetable and map showing latest completion dates.
  • In order to complete the majority of works before the start of term Cofely have doubled the number of men working on site; therefore there will be an increase in site traffic and levels of work.
  • Cofely site cabins and welfare units have been installed to the side and rear of the Computer/Bio Centre and will be in place until Autumn 2012.

23 August 2011

With the positive progress of the pipe work installation being made by Cofely it was essential to change the Gate 2, Mayors Walk, exit road with immediate effect; see picture above. The Percy Gee side of the road is now the exit from Campus and relevant barriers will be unlocked and automatic opening operation enabled as per the existing arrangements.  Road plating has been placed to enable deliveries to George Porter Stores and to the rear of the Bio Centre.

Cyclists should not use Gate 2 to enter the campus as the cycle lane is now closed.  Alternative entrances are available from Victoria Park, which can be accessed via Peace Walk and at Gate 1.

19 August 2011

Porta Cabins are being installed in the area adjacent to the Computer/Bio Centre to provide on-site facilities for the contractors. This is necessary for compliance with Health and Safety regulations and for the welfare of the contract staff.

15 August 2011

The area between the Archaeology and Computer Centre Buildings has been designated as a site compound for the contractors.

10 August  2011

A revised digging plan has been suggested by the contractors; see timetable and map.  This plan is not confirmed and is still being discussed with the University; please email the Project Manager Steve Parker sp423@le.ac.uk if you have any particular concerns regarding the programme.

4 August 2011

As of Monday 8 August Cofley will be excavating from the trench outside Charles Wilson into Charles Wilson Boiler House and also along the side of Charles Wilson towards Victoria Park.  Pipe laying has started on University Road, see below and is expected to start on the trench between the Adrian and the George Porter Building sometime next week.

2 August 2011

DES_pipe_detail.gifPipe laying has now commenced. The pipes are 12m long and 300mm in diameter and are made of steel with a layer of insulation and a 5mm protective plastic coating.  The picture right shows a pipe end on, the orange plastic cover is for protection and is removed when the pipe is laid. The ring like structures in the insulating layer are wires which will be linked throughout the system. A small electric current is passed through the wires and the resistance is measured; any changes in resistance will indicate damage or leaks and can be used to effect targeted repairs.

28 July 2011

The digging at the rear of Charles Wilson between X18 and X19 on the map which had been scheduled to start on 22 August 2011, started on 29 July 2011.  For the latest dates please see the timetable.

21 July 2011

The map, updated on 21 July 2011 shows, marked in red lines, where the digging will take place, the proposed dates of the works are marked in yellow. These dates are listed in a provisional timetable and are subject to change.

Works will start with test digging, followed by full digging of the trenches followed by laying of the pipes and filling and making good. The digging process will involve very noisy works.

18 July 2011

Cofely District Energy are now working in the areas between the George Porter Building and the Rattray Lecture Theatre, between the Archaeology and Charles Wilson buildings and from Mayor's Walk to the Computer/Biocentre Building.  There will be no parking in any of the areas around the Charles Wilson Building and between the Archaeology and Computer/Biocentre Buildings.   Staff with main campus parking passes are able to access the car parks in the Bennett - Entrance 3, on Welford Road and in the MSB.

Temporary disabled parking spaces have been made available on main campus in front of the School of Law.

A Security Point has been installed and occupied on the pedestrian access from Victoria Park opposite the Attenborough Tower. This is to manage the traffic flow and temporary parking for commercial vehicles and to ensure pedestrian safety.

About the Scheme

What is it?

The District Energy Scheme (Combined Heat and Power Scheme) is a collaboration between the University of Leicester, Leicester City Council and  Cofely District Energy Ltd. The scheme will improve existing district heating schemes on six housing estates, linking four of them together, and will expand to include Council buildings, University buildings and other users.

Combined heat and power uses the heat generated as a bi-product of electricity generation to heat buildings; a network of insulated pipes will distribute heat and power to all the buildings in the scheme.  Once the system is fully operational it will provide more than 5MW of low carbon gas-fired combined heat and power to thousands of homes and other buildings in the University and City, saving 12,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Why are we doing it?

The scheme will not only save the University money in terms of reduced energy costs but will also reduce our carbon emissions assisting us in meeting government targets and therefore avoiding extra costs in fines.  The scheme will also increase the resilience of the heating and power network helping us to avoid disruptive heating and power outages in the future.

What will it cost?

There are no capital costs to the University; the scheme is funded by Cofely District Energy Ltd who manage it and will recharge the participants, including the University, for the energy they use.   Cofely will also manage the operation including the maintenance of the CHP units on the University site.

What does it involve?

The scheme involves the digging of trenches across the city and campus to lay the distribution pipes; most of the other on-campus works will be in boiler houses and plant rooms and should not affect building users.  The main disruption will be to traffic, including parking and deliveries.

The plant rooms where works will take place are located in the Maurice Shock, George Porter, Charles Wilson, Attenborough Tower and Engineering buildings.

When will it happen?

The on campus works started on Monday 18 July 2011 and are due to finish before the end of February 2012.

Who should I contact?

The internal project manager for the scheme is Stephen Parker who will be able to inform you about the day-to-day programme - email Stephen on sp423@le.ac.uk

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