The creation of the ASDEC Facility at MIRA Nuneaton

The Robot has Landed

Creation of the ASDEC Facility at MIRA

The facility to house the UK’s first commercial 3D laser measurement and modal analysis centre "Advanced Structural Dynamics Evaluation Collaborative (ASDEC) Research Centre", an autonomous business unit within the University of Leicester,  was a project managed by our Development Team and created at the  MIRA Technology Park near Nuneaton.  Estates were given the challenge of creating a vibration free platform for test objects.  This was done by digging a 2.5 metre hole and filling it with 200 tonnes of concrete, poured in 2 separate sessions.  The robot which houses the lasers runs along a rail adjacent to the test area.  The story of the construction project is told pictures below.  The project was managed by Pete Bale from our Development Team.

Please visit the ASDEC website to find out more about the Facility.

Excavating the hole Deeper and down
firstpour1jpg.jpg firstpourwet.jpg
Ready for the first concrete pour First pour complete
afirstpourdry.jpg secondpour.jpg
Preparing for the second pour The second pour
robotrail.jpg robot.jpg
The rail where the robot will sit The robot has landed

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