Frequently asked questions

FAQs raised by members of the public when the building on Lancaster Road was first proposed.

Does this project represent an expansion for the University?

No the project is to accommodate existing activity providing accommodation for staff and students in the Maurice Shock Building and some of the University buildings in the Regent Road/New Walk area.

What about parking spaces?

As the building is to accommodate existing staff and students there will be no additional parking spaces excepting parking for the disabled.

Will there be traffic disruption, especially at rush hour?

No as no additional parking will be provided there will be no additional traffic.

What about the carbon footprint?

The building has been specifically designed to minimise environmental impact.  The decant space afforded by the new building will also enable refurbishment and environmental upgrade (improved, heating lighting, insulation) for the existing Maurice Shock Building which has a high carbon footprint.

How will the building fit in with its surroundings?

The building is designed specifically to compliment the surrounding area.

What will happen the old Maurice Shock Building?

The Maurice Shock Building will continue to be used by the University for teaching and research in medicine, biological sciences and psychology.   Sections of the building might need to be closed whilst essential maintenance and repairs are undertaken.

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