Management of Contractors

Information on safe management of contractors

Estates and Campus Services depend on a large number of Contractors to supplement our in-house staff. Typical activities include routine maintenance, attending to breakdowns and inspection of specialist equipment and more traditional construction and refurbishment works. Routinely this requires access to occupied areas, many of which may be business-critical or can be by their nature, high risk areas such as laboratories, plant rooms, roofs and duct spaces. This page details the procedures in place to ensure safe management of contractors.

RESET Certification Scheme

The RESET Certification Scheme is an external verification system that enables the ECS to establish competency of all operatives working on the University premises.   Any contractor  employed by the ECS must be a member of this scheme.

Management of Contractors ECS procedures

The Health and Safety Passport provides a brief guide to the minimum requirements that the division expects of its Contractors and their operatives.  This passport provides a general guide to Health and Safety and does not cover every contingency.

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