Recycling Bin Order Form

If you require more recycling bins for new offices or areas that have not already been supplied, please fill in the form here.

We do not currently hold a stock of recycling bins. An order usually takes 8 weeks to be processed and for the bins to be manufactured and delivered to the end user.


Please read the information below before completing the form. There are 4 different types of bins:

37 litre Stackable bins:

Useful in kitchens/offices where a small footprint is required.

Clear convert stackable









60 litre Slim Jim bins:

Useful in teaching rooms/lecture theatres, offices and rooms that require larger volume bins. Fit well next to photocopiers!

Slim Jim








60 litre Zintec bins:

Required in open areas due to fire risk. Fit nicely together in a bank of 4.

Recycling Bins







35 litre Office Saddle bin:

Desk bins that can be shared between 2 people. The responsibility of emptying these desk bins into the larger recycling bins lies with the user.

desk bin
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Please enter the number of each type of bin you require below. If you require more bins than the field will allow, please email Reshma-Vanza-Adams directly.

Clear convert stackableSlim JimRecycling Binsdesk bin


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