SPHERE can provide tailored support to help your organisation be more environmentally sustainable.

Sphere logoAs we are facing a Climate Emergency, we published our own Climate Strategy in January 2020 but we recognise that no one organisation will tackle this crisis alone.

As Citizens of Change, we must pool resources and expertise and work in partnership to effect real, lasting change. So we created SPHERE:

SPHERE is a range of bespoke services to enable organisations to measure and improve their environmental sustainability:

  • Innovation for Good Scheme to deliver environmental audits to local organisations
  • Carbon footprint calculations tailored actions plans to improve their environmental sustainability
  • SDG Mapping Service
  • Sustainability for Business e-book
  • Staff sustainability training
  • Sustainability education
  • Access to the University's academic experts on a range of related subjects such as:
    • air quality - how we can tackle air pollution together
    • environmental health - are your employees and customers at risk?
    • climate change - measurably reduce your impact and improve your reporting
    • biodiversity and ecology - maximise your green space
    • carbon & energy management - reduce your carbon footprint and associated energy bills
    • materials - innovative ways to reduce waste
  • Access to students to undertake project work for your organisation

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