Sustainability Research

We are keen to establish a Sustainability-related Research Network using a Living Labs approach.

Sustainability is one of the few subjects that are truly multi-disciplinary. It is also on the international research agendas and funding bodies often now require a sustainable element to funding proposals.

Collaborative Living Lab projects can provide answers and guidance for operations and professional services staff, real-life learning opportunities for students and opportunities for research impact for academics.

Leicester has some strong sustainability-related research, such as the renowned Air Quality Group and the Anthropocene Working Group, but it is quite disparate so we wish to establish a network to develop new Living Lab projects in this area.

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SDG Mapping

Over the past year, we have been mapping our academic work to the SDGs, including research publications.  Research publications from the last 5 years have been mapped using query codes, including keywords relating to each SDG, to search for the words within publication titles, abstract and keywords in the Scopus online database. Our research publications are arguably the University’s most influential output and are a clear indicator of the expertise and values of our institution. The results of this analysis showed an overwhelming number of publications contribute to goal 3, Good Health & Wellbeing (n=5089). The top 5 goals that we contribute to in our research publications are:

Top 5 SDGs for Research

Read our SDG report here

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