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Pesticide research Researching the use of pesticides on campus, investigate if biocontrol is better than pesticides, contribute to producing the University's pesticide policy
Interactive campus signs Develop ways for students, staff and visitors to interact with signs on campus through their phones

UrbanBuzz - Bug Life

Monitoring and completing baseline studies on a Leicester city scale

Working out University's Carbon Footprint Could look at individual buildings, e.g. David Wilson Library, and help recognise areas that could be reduced
Unsustainable behaviours Identify most wasteful behaviours on campus e.g. food, waste, energy and develop a campaign to take behaviour
Air Quality Use portable sensors to investigate air quality around campus/city, identify hotspots and develop ways to reduce this
Plastics App Develop an app to help collect data of plastic pollution around campus and the city
Carbon offset tool Create a tool to calculate carbon offset of trees that could be used to provide recommendations on development projects - both University and City Council

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