The effects of relatedness between native and introduced tree species on insect diversity on University sites

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Researcher(s): BSc Zoology student, Hannah Sellers, 3rd year

When: 2016/17

Where: Various locations including Main Campus & Freeman's Common


  • To determine if plant origin (native or introduced) affects insect diversity
  • SDG15To investigate whether relatedness between the tree species affects insect communities
  • To use a variety of insect trapping methods and evaluate the effectiveness of them


Hannah worked with her department, Gardens Team and the Environment Team (now Social Impact Team) to use a variety of techniques to assess whether tree species affected insect diversity. She presented to the Biodiversity Working Group and demonstrated that native trees were a better pick for the University campus and that a range of surveying methods should be used.  Students interested in continuing this project should contact us for more information.


GGA Hannah
Green Gown Award Winner 2018 Research with Impact (Student)