The changing behaviour of University of Leicester students surrounding single-use containers

Posted by hjs23 at Jul 17, 2019 11:30 AM |

Researcher(s): BA Geography, Asha Mistry, 3rd year

When: 2018/19


  • To understand students perceptions and behaviours towards single-use plastics.
  • To provide recommendations and practical solutions to changing students behaviour towards plastic use and waste


Asha completed this project as part of her dissertation to understand how the University of Leicester can influence a shift in student behaviours surrounding single-use plastics. She worked with the Social Impact Team, the Waste Manager and Enva, the University's waste contractor. The results of her research shows that there is a disjunction between student acknowledgement and action surrounding the environmental impacts of their consumption decisions with single-use plastics. Her recommendations involve a combination of infrastructural and targeted awareness campaigns could significantly influence a shift in student behaviours towards pro-environmental behaviours.

Goal 12 Goal 14