Managing Urban Hedgerows: Boosting Autumn Biodiversity and Helping Hedgehogs at the University of Leicester

Posted by hjs23 at Jul 16, 2019 03:55 PM |

Researcher(s):BSc Zoology student, Bethan Mason, 3rd year

When: 2016/17

Where: Various locations including Main Campus, Freeman's Common, Brookfield & Oadby


  • To sample hedgerow communities and survey for species of interest
  • To assess campus hedgerow management techniques and their influence on biodiversity
  • To investigate how management could prevent species decline


Bethan completed this project as part of her dissertation because she wanted to do something that gave her research meaning. She worked with her department, Gardens Team and the Environment Team (now Social Impact Team) to assess the hedgerows over 12 locations for value and found 2 hedgehogs in in 2 locations. Unfortunately one disappeared and her recommendations to the Biodiversity Working Group include changing management techniques to preserve their habitat. Students interested in continuing this project should contact us for more information.