Explore students' perceptions and engagement with different areas of sustainability

Posted by hjs23 at Jul 16, 2019 03:55 PM |

Researcher(s): MSc Marketing students, "Research Methods for Marketing" module

When: 2018/19

Where: Various locations across Main Campus

Research Areas

  1. Disposal and recycling of plastic waste
  2. Gender differences among potential graduates entering professions in sustainability
  3. Consumption of Fairtrade products on University campus
  4. Practices of healthy eating and drinking with locally sourced & seasonal food
  5. Reducing students' carbon footprints


Over 100 MSc Marketing students did group research projects based around the research areas given by the Social Impact Team. Groups chose which research area they would like to study and carried out preliminary studies. Afterwards, they presented their research methods to 3 members of the Social Impact Team. A range of different research methods were proposed to look at the various research areas. The winning presentation was looking at the use of plastic and whether perceptions and engagement change in different socio-cultural backgrounds. Afterwards, the students wrote reports about their studies and provided recommendations on how the University can address these areas.