Assessing the impact of climate change on the sustainability of the George Davis Centre and Maurice shock building

Posted by hjs23 at Jul 17, 2019 12:30 PM |

Researcher(s): BSc Geography, Neha Joshi, 3rd year

When: 2018/19

Where: George Davis Centre & Maurice Shock Building


  • To assess how climate change may influence the sustainability of the George Davies Centre and the Maurice Shock Building
  • To understand how the buildings will contribute to climate change from its operational carbon footprint


Neha completed this project as part of her dissertation because climate change is such a relevant topic currently and we need to adapt our buildings accordingly. She worked with the Social Impact Team and the Carbon & Energy Manager to gather her data and to provide predictions of how the buildings will cope with climate change. Neha's research found that the George Davis Centre (GDC) was predicted more sustainable than Maurice Shock (MSB) in terms of its ability to provide thermal comfort to users despite changes to outdoor temperature and GDC has a lower contribution to climate change than MSB.

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