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This year 7 student projects have been implemented within the University. Showing how students can create change, make an impact and develop the skills to become global citizens.

With fantastic enthusiasm, students developed their own projects to bring about positive change in the University. Working in groups that spanned degree years, academic departments and various societies, they showed the key benefits that come from working collaboratively. Each project was supported by Estates and Campus Services by means of working with a staff member or mining our data, the final research is invaluable to our sustainability strategy and has a real-world impact on our operations.

Check out the projects below:


The Big Switch Off: Shannon Sperl, Fiora Galante, Kamile Trijonyte

Project outline: Students carried out a 'switch off' in the MSB building over the course of a week in January, turning off lights that had been left on after hours that were no longer in use. Using data provided by Estates and Campus Services, they compared meter readings from previous years and worked out the cost savings that could be made from turning out lights.

the big switch off

- Worked with Sustainable Projects Coordinator, Living Labs Coordinator and Estates Technician

-Will form the basis of a behavioural campaign to reduce energy consumption in the MSB building.

- Part of the Sustainable Development Programme



Forest Garden: Ross Perrett

Ross & Forest GardenProject outline: Campaigned to convince Senior University Managements to allow him to lead a group of volunteer students to turn a section of the FJB Lawn into a forest garden that will not just benefit himself, but years of staff and students in the future.

- Worked with Sustainable Projects Coordinator, SSWG, Hungry for Change, Biodiversity Projects Officer and Gardens Team

- Has increased biodiversity on campus and helped change the University's attitude towards planted areas and interactive green spaces.

-SEED Project


'Plastic Free Department': GeogSoc

GeogSoc bottles

Project outline: To encourage a plastic free department students used SEED funding to purchase stainless steel water bottles to be sold to staff and students in their department. All money raised was donated to WaterAid and Marine Conservation Society.

- Worked with Sustainable Projects Coordinator, Living Labs Coordinator and the SSWG

- Has helped to change student and staff perspective on single use plastic.

- SEED Project



Clothes Swap: Abi Prettyman

clothes swapProject outline: Organised and ran a clothes swap during Go Green Week. Not only was this a great opportunity for staff and students to update their wardrobe, it was also an opportunity to raise awareness of the large environmental impact the fashion industry has.

- Worked with Sustainable Projects Coordinator and the SSWG

- SEED Project




handprinting sdg

'Print a Pledge': SSWG

Project Outline: To raise awareness of the Global Goals and encourage as many staff and students as possible to pledge their support to the Goals.

- Worked with Sustainable Projects Coordinator

- SSWG collaboration




cfg ggwFood Waste: Ben Clark, Kamile Trijonyte, Vania Costa

Project Outline: To raise awareness amongst staff and students about the amount of food wasted and the carbon footprint their food choices have.

- Worked with Sustainable Projects Coordinator and Leicester Services Partnership (LSP)

- Part of the Sustainable Development Programme


SDG wheel'12 Days of Sustainable Christmas': Thomas Lawson, Cassandra Rosideo Rocha, Najima Mohamed

12 days of sdgs

Project Outline: Students created an online advent calendar for the lead up to Christmas to encourage staff and students to have a more sustainable Christmas. Each day included a tip or challenge to help people become more sustainable as well as a Christmas pun.

-Worked with Sustainable Projects Coordinator

- Part of the Sustainable Development Programme

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