Students help create Campus good enough to eat

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April showers may be in full force but that hasn’t stopped spring blossoming around campus.

Bennett Bee's

Take a stroll past Bennett bank and spot the woodland bulbs including Primrose and Bluebell beginning to sprout up. Planted by our student volunteers in collaboration with UrbanBuzz, these flowers are pollinators to encourage more bees onto campus.

bennett bank bees

Edible Campus

Work on creating an edible campus commenced in early January with a collaboration between Hungry for Change and UrbanBuzz. The outdoor furniture in the FJB Square was brought to life as high profile planters and herb species such as Rosemary, Thyme and Sage were added into the FJB planters.

Staff and students learnt how to bed the planters and herbs being planted, discovered the many useful properties herbs have and created signs for the planters. A traffic light system was also introduced to communicate to people when the herbs can be picked.

Red – Don’t pick!

Yellow – OK but not its best!

Green – Pick me please!

For the hard working volunteers, fresh herbal teas were also provided, with staff and students being encouraged to create their own herbal tea recipes- a firm favourite was mint and rosemary!

edible campus

forest garden

Forest Garden

Plans are now well underway for the new forest garden on the FJB lawn. Designed by Ross Perrett and funded by our SEED project, the forest garden will provide students and staff members with nutritious and year-round food, but also provides a nourishing environment for mental wellbeing, opportunities to engage in practical studies alongside degrees and increase biodiversity on campus.

Make sure to keep an eye out to see how it develops!

Forest garden & sdgs

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