Adding a splash of colour to Freshers!

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You may have seen us at Freshers – it’s hard to miss the splash of colour that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) bring wherever we go!

We had a fun time spreading awareness of the Goals and advertising all the amazing opportunities that students can get involved with throughout the year. Here are some of the things we got up to…!

Discover Leicester

22-23rd September – Discover Leicester

Moving to university can be very daunting with everything changing, but Freshers is also an exciting time with new opportunities. Over the weekend when first years were moving in, we were around in Oadby to give students and parents support and to raise awareness of the Global Goals. Many students (and parents!) enjoyed playing the Carbon Footprint Game which aims to get you to thinking about the carbon footprint of the food you eat and the clothes you wear, with some rather shocking statistics… Look out for the return of the Carbon Footprint Game very soon…

24th September - Busk & Bake – A cup of tea and a SDG

SDG cupcakes

Not only was it Freshers’ week, but it was Global Goals Week too so we had to celebrate! Running with the theme “A cup of tea and a SDG”, we used the Busk & Bake event to spread awareness of the SDGs with some SDG-related baked goodies. It was a creative and tasty way to introduce students to the SDGs which ended with students being filled with cake and knowledge of the SDGs…!

SDG 14 post it

25th September - Fabulous First Year & Volunteering Fair

We gave the Fabulous First Year its sparkle for the festival theme. What’s more fabulous than having biodegradable glitter to give a festival feel to students while spreading awareness of the SDGs and using our SDG wall to get students to tell us what they think and how we all can work towards each of the Goals. Like all our stalls, it’s a perfect time to tell students about our amazing opportunities that they can get involved with, like the SEED fund, SSWG, the new Plan-it Change Student Society and volunteering opportunities we have such as Plan-it WILD and Innovation for Good.

26 + 28th September – Society Fair

PIC society stall

The new and improved student society, Plan-it Change launched their new society all about working towards the Global Goals. Amazingly, around 100 students expressed interest in the society along with giving suggestions about what they would change at the University to work towards the Global Goals. This allowed students to be able to express what their interests are and what they care about so the society can work towards the goals; popular topics included plastics, homelessness and food waste.

27th September – Global Goals: Realise your PotentialFreshers workshop

The Social Impact Team, in collaboration with Wastecycle, held a workshop for first year students to challenge them to think about the issues that the University faces, related to the Global Goals, and think about projects that could help to tackle them.

One team focussed on Goal 2 (Zero Hunger) and 12 (Responsible Consumption & Production) and looked at ways to reduce plastic use and food waste from both a student and University perspective. With the students perceptive, it was mainly focussing on education whereas the University view was looking at infrastructure such as donating leftover food and adding an extra charge for single use items.

Another team focussed on Goal 13 (Climate Action) and their main message was about how marketing is key to behaviour change. One message they wished to promote reducing meat consumption as animal agriculture is responsible for around 18% of greenhouse gas emissions. Another message was to encourage students sharing taxis after parties, for example to halls. Another idea was to create a treasure hunt-style competition to get people to pick up litter, with collecting a lot meant that the student earned a reward.

Both teams discussed in depth the issues that we face and thought about the “why” and “how” aspects of the issues to come up with some great ideas of how the University can work towards the Global Goals.

1st October – Flourish – Pick ‘n’ Mix your Goals!

pick n mix sumayaEveryone loves a good pick ‘n’ mix; everyone has their favourites. Why can’t we use this mentality for the Global Goals? They won’t be reached by working to one goal on its own – they are all interconnected. We encouraged students to discuss the goals and pledge towards the Goals in return for picking their favourite pick ‘n’ mix sweets.

If you want to find out more about our opportunities for students, you can find them here.

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