A Very Savvy Christmas

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The Most Wasteful Time Of The Year.... Each year over three quarters of a million tonnes of waste is produced over the Christmas period in England alone! This year the Social Impact Team collaborated with Hungry for Change to help students save their pennies and their planet by introducing ways to make Christmas that little bit more sustainable!

Wednesday 6th December saw Queen's Hall turned into a winter wonderland, filling even the coldest of rooms with the Christmas Spirit!

But these weren't just any Christmas celebrations, a sustainable twist had been added to the traditional festivities, providing students with a chance to reduce, re-use and recycle, thoroughly embracing a Green Christmas!

Wreath Making

Students embraced their green side and made their own Christmas wreaths.

Starting with willow as a base, students twisted branches together to make a ring. Then came the fun part! Foliage collected from the Brookfield site was weaved into the wreaths. Combining holly, ivy, evergreen and berries all to create a wonderfully festive ring.


Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is the finishing touch to the carefully chosen gifts at Christmas. However, more often than not the paper used to wrap our presents during the festive period is covered in glitter or a plastic sheen and cannot be recycled.

A sustainable wrapping paper station was set up to enable students to show off their creative flare and add a more personal touch to the gift giving season.

Using potatoes from the Hungry for Change plot, students got creative with paint and patterns  developing a wide variety of Christmas wrapping paper, from penguins to snowmen, holly to baubles.



Christmas Decorations

Helping student to save their planet and their pennies, students embraced the sustainability theme and made their own decorations. Nature already provided the materials all the students needed was their creativity! The humble pine cone was transformed into reindeer, Christmas trees and even Santa Claus!



SDG ‘Re-brand’ Leicester

Embracing a more sustainable Christmas was also the perfect opportunity to introduce students to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Collaborating with the Sustainable Development Programme, students were encouraged to think of the 17 goals as personal targets for themselves, their peers and their university.



The event was a great success, with students not only creating brilliant Christmas wreaths, decorations and wrapping paper, but also showing a positive attitude towards supporting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals!

What ‘A Very Savvy Christmas’!

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