Who are the Social Impact Team?

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Environment Team re-brand explained

Sustainability at Leicester has historically officially focussed more on Environmental Management and we have made great progress in this area successfully altering our Estates-related day to day operations to be more efficient and environmentally sensitive.

Now we feel it is time to widen our official remit to include the other pillars of sustainability, particularly social responsibility.

In reality we have developed a strong student engagement scheme that focuses on all areas of sustainability and have been involved with community engagement and education for sustainable development, however, this new formal remit allows the team to have an even greater reach.

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The Social Impact Strategy is one of the seven University Enabling Strategies and is based the Social on the UN Sustainable Development Goals as the University has recognised these as a ‘to do list’, not just for individuals but for institutions such as our own.

Based within Campus Services and reaching across the University and beyond, our role is, not only to minimise our environmental impact, but to help maximise our positive impact by producing research and graduates who will help to deliver these goals in whatever corner of the globe they inhabit and whatever career and life choices they make.

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