£20,000 a year saved by lab changing its lightbulbs

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Experiment cabinets in the Adrian building, used by the Genetics Department to research plant-growth, were previously lit by fluorescent lighting.
£20,000 a year saved by lab changing its lightbulbs

Donna Middleton (Genetics) and Adrian Hinks (Estates)

Working with Estates to switch the lights within each cabinet to LED lighting has resulted in numerous benefits, including huge cost savings, fewer research errors and a much more comfortable environment for staff and students.

The idea to switch initially arose due to the high discomfort of working in a very hot room, even during winter months. The potential cost savings were only then realised. After a 6.7 year return on income, the new lights are expected to save over £20,000 a year.

Why were the old fluorescent lights so problematic?

Adrian Plant-growth Flowchart

Why switch to LED? 

  • reduced heat output from the lights -> cooler cabinets
  • less refrigeration needed so cooler room temperature
  • energy saving of 298,404 KWhrs per yer = £20,530 per year
  • longer life of lightingadrian
  • less maintenance needed
  • constant light levels during bulb lifespan
  • green wavelength optimum for photosynthesis
  • stable and efficient research environment
  • user comfort

This project was funded by the SALIX Fund – Solving Energy Efficiency Finance in the Public Sector.

We believe there are many more opportunities for energy-saving around the University - but we need your help to identify them. We are welcoming more energy-saving ideas from all buildings and departments, and have streamlined the process. If you have an idea, please fill out our online form.

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