Over 1700 trees planted by University of Leicester in the past 3 years

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Since 2014, the trees have offset 12.5 tonnes of CO2, the same produced by 81,315 miles driven by the average car.

Tree Planting close-up 

This figure is set to increase annually as the saplings mature. Supplied by The Woodland Trust, the trees have been planted by volunteers from the Environmental Action Society at the Stoughton Road Playing Fields. The activities have also brought many benefits to students, from transferable skills to mental wellbeing.Happy tree planter

 "I liked getting stuck in with the hands on activity, the digging was at some points hard work but it was worth it seeing all the trees we planted and knowing in the future these trees will be tall and will be potential houses for birds and other wildlife." said Rosie, 2nd year History and Politics student. "The tree planting has also made me want to volunteer with the society further because it was so fun and rewarding!"

"I enjoyed the tree planting activities, because it made me feel like I was helping to make the planet just a little bit nicer." added Natalie, international Psychology student from Virginia, USA. "I also think that it has helped me de-stress. It's good to be able to take a few hours and not have to worry about other things for a little while."

13 fruit trees were also planted on main campus in October 2015 by Hungry for Change and Environmental Action Society. A further 21 fruit trees have been planted in March 2017 at Stoughton Road, funded by Campus Services. The orchard will provide students with local, organic fruits including varieties of apples, pears and plums. The Environmental Action Society have also been commended for making use of the harvest from several apple trees at Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College. The apples were previously left to rot on the ground.

Pear tree

     Thank you to all the volunteers for their hard work and commitment!  

Tree Planting