Insects in your brownies? - Geology's Week of Action

Posted by chj6 at Aug 09, 2017 03:45 PM |
As part of the Climate Coalition’s ‘Week of Action’ earlier in July, two researchers from the Geology Department (Dr Victoria McCoy and Dr Nina Jordan) put together a stall to raise awareness of climate change and what YOU can do about it.

While it is important to lobby the government and big business to reduce their carbon footprints, we all have individual capacity to make a difference.

Victoria and Nina highlighted the biggest sources of CO2 that each of us can easily change.

Due to the way they are produced, meat and dairy products have very high carbon footprints. Victoria and Nina recommended cutting down on meat or becoming vegan some or all of the time.

Cricket FlourOR perhaps try a deliciously energy-efficient alternative on the market - insects!

On campus and Queen's road, many curious passers by were challenged to a blind taste test of a vegan, cricket and ‘standard’ brownie.

"Virtually none of the testers could taste the cricket flour used in one of the brownies." said Dr Jordan. "To highlight insects as a low-carbon source of protein may make it easier for people to cut down on meat."


"This is very useful in breaking down barriers to new and unusual food types, and we hope people might be more inclined to experiment with their diet."

Carbon Footprint

The Geology duo also recommended avoiding all but essential flights, and to use carbon-offsetting services for any flights taken.

Whether your keen for crickets or fancy your feet firmly on the ground, we can all play a part in curbing climate change.