Cake-off baking competition for staff

Posted by chj6 at May 11, 2017 11:15 AM |
The Fruit & Veg Cake off is back by popular demand!

This competition held by The Environment Team is a chance for you to show off your baking skills and win some great foodie prizes.

To enter:

  • Email to tell us your office is taking part
  • Receive your free information pack in the post

Next steps:

  1. Bake either a sweet or savoury cake containing 1 fruit or vegetable main ingredient AND 1+ Fairtrade or ethically-sourced product.
  2. Cakes will be judged at the Sustainability Festival on Monday 5th June. Come to the Fielding Johnson Lawn, with your cake and ingredients label. Cake judging will begin at 12:30pm so bring your cakes from 12pm.FT logo
  3. Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
  4. Once you've had a slice (or three), take your cake away with you or leave the rest to be sold at the cake sale. All funds raised will go to The Real Junk Food Project Leicester.

You could also fundraise by organising a mini cake-sale in your office - if you prefer this let us know!

Sandra Cake-off Winner
Last year's 1st prize winner from Estates with her winning cake

Who are we fundraising for? 

The collection van you may see driving around Leicester

This year all money raised will be donated to The Real Junk Food Project Leicester, who are on an environmental mission to combat the huge problem of food waste. They are one project in a grassroots network of café's all over the world, which rescue edible supermarket food destined for landfill, cook it up into tasty, nutritious meals, and serve it to local communities.

Located at the West End Neighbourhood Centre in Westcotes, The West End Café fosters a real sense of community, welcoming all people with a pay-as-you-feel concept. Those that cannot afford to pay for their meal can instead exchange their services, ideas, time and creativity - anything from helping to wash the dishes to providing musical entertainment

The Real Junk Food Project volunteers

The café is run by volunteers, including a few regular staff and student volunteers from the University of Leicester. The project relies solely on donations to continue its positive work and develop the project further.

Since 2012 the number of food banks operating in the city has more than doubled. Thirty-one food banks are currently operating in Leicester. ~ Leicester Child Poverty Commission, 2015

Food Waste and Food Poverty are two major tragedies that we are currently facing. We aim to bridge that gap. We are one of a very few businesses whose aim is to go out of business. This would mean that there is either no food waste to intercept or no hungry tummies to feed, then our job would be considered done!" ~TRJFP Leicester

Food Waste
A typical food waste collection from a supermarket

West End Cafe down at the West End Neighbourhood Centre in Leicester

10 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK each year (£17 billion, 20 million t GHGs). 70% of this is wasted by households ~ WRAP. Meanwhile 1 in 6 parents have gone without food themselves to afford to feed their families. ~ Oxfam

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