Building and staff share A rating success

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The Centre for Medicine has been awarded the University’s first A rating based on the building’s energy performance
Building and staff share A rating success

Chrispal and his team collect CfM Awards

This is a huge achievement as it reflects how the Centre for Medicine is operating one year in at full capacity. When it was first occupied the building was given an ‘A’ rating (EPC) purely on its assets e.g. boilers and windows; now it’s been awarded an ‘A’ based on how it is actually functioning (DEC). The Passivhaus concept uses principles such as good levels of insulation and air-tightness to reach its low energy targets but smart-building technology also relies on occupant engagement.

Reflecting on this accomplishment, Chrispal Anand (Carbon and Energy Manager) stated “This success really belongs as much to the staff and users inside the building as it does to those who designed and built it in the first place. Without their willingness to learn and appreciation for the sustainability ethos behind the build, we wouldn’t be in such a good position.”

If degree certificates were awarded for outstanding building performance, then the University of Leicester’s Centre for Medicine would have graduated with first class honours.


This success has also been recognised nationally in the numerous awards the Centre for Medicine has already secured. The aim of the project was to produce a low-energy building that would perform at expected levels for at least another 50 years, a vision that is only reinforced as the University announces its commitment to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The most recent Carbon Management Plan (2016-2025) uses the experiences learned from the Centre for Medicine and opts for a holistic approach to carbon saving – from operation efficiency to biodiversity. With no single solution available, it takes opportunities from all areas and people who use the building have a lot to contribute.

As is common with target-setting, however, it is only a success if it can be maintained.

“The 'A' rating we have achieved is borderline 'B' and we’re not surprised as it was a tough target to achieve for its first year. Although education was one of the more challenging aspects, we believe staff can continue to set good examples in their daily routine and secure a solid ‘A’ for next year.”

In the mean-time, the University would like to invite everyone to sign the Sustainable Development Accord and let us know of any activities that you do which contribute to the goals by emailing us.

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