Arriva bus discount changes

Posted by sll33 at Feb 10, 2017 03:22 PM |
Accessing the Arriva bus offer with Smartgo is changing.

Staff now need to request a unique PIN code by logging into their Smartgo account prior to purchasing a discounted Arriva ticket (10% off most tickets of 1 week or longer).

The rest of the process remains the same although staff will need to present the PIN at the Arriva travel shop in St Margaret’s bus station, Leicester, or include it on the existing postal form, depending on their preferred purchasing method.

The revised process will allow Smartgo and Arriva to monitor use more effectively and improve offer security.

There is a 2-month bedding-in period to enable the message to filter out to customers, but from 1st April, all discounted purchases require a valid PIN.

To access a range of exclusive transport deals including discounts on local public transport tickets please sign up for free at:Smartgo Leicester

The Employer’s contact email to enter when requested is

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