3 steps for a sustainable Easter break

Posted by chj6 at Mar 22, 2017 10:16 AM |
Before you leave for the holidays, here's 3 top steps for making your break low-cost, low-stress and better for the planet too!

1. Switch off

Leaving the office for a few days? Locking up your student house over the Heatingholidays? Be sure to switch off all appliances, lights, monitors and chargers. Even items on standby can use up a lot of energy and cost £££.

Central heating can be turned off at the boiler, or if 1 person is remaining in the house, just turn off the radiator in your own bedroom.

2. Switch on (by switching off)

Did you know on the 25th March at 8:30pm, landmarks, skyscrapers and people all over world turn off their lights? Earth Hour is a global call for action on climate change. To take part you can turn off the lights in your home and only light candles for 1 hour, and/or participate online with #EarthHourUK or by donating your Facebook feed to WWF, who schedule automatic posts for you.

Big Ben goes dark

3. Switch it up

This year why not opt for sustainable Easter celebrations

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  • Choose Fair-trade Easter Eggs. Will you pay a little bit more to give producers fair pay for their work?
  • Shop for family meals at your local farmers market. Choose organic for more flavour and less chemicals.

    Farmers Market
  • Cut the packaging. We all know how to recycle but have you ever tried reducing the amount of packaging that you consume? Choosing loose fruit and veg and bringing your own grocery bags can go a long way towards reducing your waste output to begin with. Check out this awesome calculator to see how much plastic you currently use! Another great tip to cut your waste is to home-make a variety of things - from chocolate cookies to toothpaste!
  • TrainTravel sustainably. Whether going home for the holidays or visiting relatives across the country, one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint this Easter is to leave your car behind and catch the train to your destination. 16-25 year-olds can save 30% on all train tickets with a railcard you can purchase here.