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Posted by zat1 at Mar 15, 2016 04:37 PM |
As our Sustainable Development Students complete their programme, we held a feedback session and are making some great changes!

After the success of Go Green Week, and the countless hours of volunteering our students have put in in the last couple of months, we wanted to celebrate with a lunchtime feedback forum to hear from the people that matter - the students of course!

Discussing the ins and outs of our programme shows us what students want from the whole sustainability fluffy cloud and grounds our ambitions into realistic targets that we can achieve in parallel. When asked what do students want? Our volunteers suggested a Go Green Week cartoon mascot such as Graham the Green Snail, promotion techniques; flyers in halls, postboxes, and tables, more freebies, and more green tshirts and placards! They came up with a great alternative to move Go Green Week as it's right after January Exams, to either a Summer of Christmas Festival of reduce instead (I've emailed People and Planet) and they want more noticeboards on campus telling other students what they're doing, and probably most important they want to know where their £9000 goes!

Taking away from this we will work hard this summer to ensure these suggestions are embedded in our programme for next year, with this being our pilot year of the programme we've done pretty well to see almost 30 students through. We've had a majority of international students study with us and we want to know why learning about sustainability appeals to them so much more than British students - although we can look no further than politics.

With our student society leader Dan having secured his role as Activities Officer from June in the Students Union, no doubt we will be able to work more closely with the Student Union and other societies. There was a fantastic initiative set up at the University of Gloucestershire called the Sustainable Sports Award which works to engage all sports societies in small actions within their team to use their competitive spirit in more ways than one. We hope to get on board soon! (our great Bug Hotel in Victoria Park below)

Bug Hotel Build

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