Students update us on their SEED projects

Posted by zat1 at Feb 25, 2016 04:50 PM |
With £500 up for grabs, our successful applicants are now in full swing with their projects, leading the student-facing way.

Caroline 2 




Saving the planet one month at a time!

So far in my project I have given out 15 Mooncups (a brand of reusable menstrual cup) to student and staff volunteers to trial and feed back on for the rest of the year. A Facebook page has been set up and is building steadily as volunteers feed back on their Mooncup experience and more people join to find out what its all about! The volunteers have helped to run a stall at the Student's Union Vajanuary fair, and are spreading the word about the miracle of menstrual cups and other reusables. I've also invited a 'Moon Mother' onto campus who gave a very eye-opening guest talk about femininity, menstruation, and the four phases that women go through each month. A few of us are trying Moondial Charting, charting our various emotions and energy levels throughout the month, so that we can understand ourselves better and make the most of certain days in our cycles. It's all about embracing your authentic femininity and self-empowerment! Still to come will be a make-your-own reusable sanitary towel workshop, more information stalls, discussions and more, so join the Facebook group today!

 Caroline 1


Bird Biodiversity at Blackthorn

The movements at Blackthorn Manor are beginning to materialise, having spent two conservation days there clearing a path of brambles surrounding the pond, there is now a beautiful place to walk along and take in the nature you find yourself immersed in. Dr Colin Hewitt who is a qualified bird ringer came along to put them up with Zoology student Zora Tamas to complete the first stage of her project. Next steps will be putting up the feeders, planting the Rowan trees, and then finally - bird ringing!

Zora1Zora 2

Organic Jam Production with Hungry for Change

So far for my project has seen the putting in of the fruit bushes (see below), bark has been purchased and to be delivered to put on to the bushes to help keep them warm due to the weather. I also have been working on my marketing ideas and how to target students and possibly the outside world (at a later date). The fruit should be ready May/June to sell on campus by the end of the Summer term in the SU!


Shawana 1

Shawana 2

The Library Café project is in the process of collecting results and the Meat Reduction campaign is in its first stages of meeting with RACS having now been handed over to VegSoc!

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates as the months go on!