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Green Graduates: Enhancing the student experience and upskilling our volunteers

We know volunteering is essential to educating students because it is an active and hopefully long-term repetition of sustainable behaviour. The creation of the Environmental Action Society gave students the chance to control the topics and campaigns they felt were most important to them and won Best Campaigning Society of the year in 2016.

More than this, we have built up a great relationship with the Students' Union over the past few years and set up the Student Sustainability Working Group (SSWG). This political body is chaired by Dan Schofield as current Activities Officer (08/16), minutes taken by the an Environment Team intern and attended by a range of different society representatives who are interested in how their society can have a positive impact.

The core group members include representatives from the Environmental Action Society and Hungry for Change but take pride in the variety of groups who attend - from Chocoholics to Nightline! The SSWG adjudicate the SEED fund, which was created to help fund student projects from bird biodiversity to Mooncups and more!

The Sustainable Development Programme has also been created for students who wish to learn more about sustainability issues and involves attending workshops to cover various topics. People involved help plan for Go Green Week in February each year and has been a successful campaign held for almost a decade!

All activities are HEAR accredited but also focus on student empowerment and upskilling by giving them greater responsibility on projects and events. We have been building student muscle to give them the tools to make positive change and we are now able to spend more time making sure we get the right people listening.

We've hired interns for 7 years now and we will soon be recruiting our 8th and 9th! Whether you are undergrad, postgrad or graduate - we have something to suit your interests.

Look out for our webinar in the next few weeks that goes into greater detail on how politics and projects are changing the face of student sustainability volunteering.

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