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6th September 2016 Deadline - Phd funding

Product lifetimes and the need to change our throwaway culture are emerging as key fields in research on the ‘circular economy’ and climate change. We are pleased to announce 2 fully-funded PhD studentships, offering successful candidates the opportunity to study for a PhD with a £14,296 p.a. maintenance grant and UK/EU fees (normally £4,124 p.a.) waived.

Quality as sustainability: transforming consumer goods markets

Environmental sustainability will require people to purchase fewer products and choose those that are better quality and longer lasting. This project will explore strategies to achieve a transition in markets for consumer durables such that a higher proportion of goods purchased are of premium quality and designed for a longer life than the current norm.

Many markets have a ‘premium’ segment in which items are designed for durability and reparability but it is often small. This researcher will seek to identify the variables that could enable premium segments to grow, facilitating a shift towards longer lasting products. Data will be obtained from representatives of industry and consumers. A range of strategies for change will be explored, including social marketing, green fiscal reform, product standards, environmental labelling and new business models. This project is part of the University Alliance group's Doctoral Training Alliance in Energy (

Short-lived products and environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability requires that consumers buy fewer short-lived products. This project that will address how long consumer durables last and the implications for environmental and social sustainability. We are especially keen to hear from applicants with an interest in the incidence of low quality products that are destined for short lifetimes, particularly those sold in a ‘budget’ range or by ‘discount retailers’. Other possible topics include the opportunities for increasing the repair of products and new business models that enable increased product lifetimes.The project is funded through the Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (http: www, a £5m RCUK-funded research centre.

The deadline in each case is 5pm on Tuesday 6th September, so anyone wishing to apply is advised to respond as soon as possible. Successful applicants will work in an expanding team of researchers from a range of disciplines who are increasing knowledge and understanding of issues relating to product lifetimes in a range of industry sectors, including vehicles, electrical and electronic equipment, furniture, carpets, clothing, home improvement, and industrial goods and equipment.

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