Peaceful Parks – Making the link between mental wellbeing and the Environment

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Any plans to take your stress to pieces this January?

Stressbusting is a word excessively used during the exam period – and sometimes the monotonous use of the word ‘stress’ can make everything seem much worse than it actually is.

Whether it’s a New Year resolution or something that has been bugging you since you started studying, stress is something that can be tackled simply by walking on a path you never have before. Ecotherapy is how the mental health charity MIND coins the term - setting up a wide range of treatment programmes with aims to improve mental and physical wellbeing by holding outdoors activities in nature.

Mental health and wellbeing is now more than ever becoming a critical public health problem, and at last there is more and more verifying research linking mental health to the environment. This may come as little surprise; that individuals living in the greenest urban areas have better mental health than those in the least – but there it is – green space is good for the mind, soul, and body! Whilst we contain ourselves within the hustle and bustle of Leicester, it is important to reflect on the effects space has on our day-to-day lives. We should be relishing the walk through Victoria Park each day and count our blessings that it’s not another concrete playground.

Let’s take a look at the glorious parks in Leicester, and you’ve got to admit they are beautiful. In fact, I would go so far as to say the parks in Leicester are amongst some of the best parks in England. They exude character, stunning views beyond the city and free your mind of that relentless drum of traffic.

As a student I can recall the first time I cycled to Bradgate Park, the first time I stumbled upon Spinney Hill, the first time I jogged through Aylestone Meadows and Western Park, and visited Abbey Park for the fireworks and Diwali.

Living in a city can push you to search for these vast green spaces, which help contemplate the speed at which we live our lives. So stressbusting is not a myth – rather it is a phrase that means considering your stress and figuring out how to diminish it. And for any student or staff member that is searching for a simple way in which to do this this January, look no further than one of the 11 stunning parks picked out on the map!

Parks in Leicester

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