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Uncovering and recognising your work on sustainability and environmental topics

We spend a vast amount of our time communicating the various projects and changes we make within the Environment Team to the rest of the University; from ethical procurement and biodiversity management to carbon and energy savings. Now, we want to hear from you to gain a greater insight into what links we can make to your teaching and research.

Our aim is to compile a list of topics being examined or taught by staff that has some angle on the environment or sustainability issues. We welcome all disciplines and encourage you to examine your work with an open mind as these themes are not always prominent, but always of interest to us.

Identifying your research and teaching will enable us to publicise the impact of your work and stimulate more interdisciplinary practice here and at other universities. There will also be a wider scope of projects we can fund to offer students which could be directly related to your research.

If we don't know it exists, we can't include it in our reports to encourage further study and integrate best practice into University strategy.

All we're asking is that you send us your contacts details and give a short explanatory paragraph on your subject; in return we'll:

  • Promote them at events
  • Use as examples of best practice in reports
  • Compare with other universities
  • Advertise to students


Any questions about the student projects fund or other queries, just email us

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