Leicester gets a first in the P&P University League

Posted by sll33 at Nov 22, 2016 11:35 AM |

The University of Leicester has increased its People and Planet University League by a huge 64 places from 94th in 2015 with a 2.2. to 30th in 2016 with a first!

The League, published in The Guardian, is the only comprehensive and independent league table of UK universities ranked by environmental and ethical performance. It is compiled annually by the UK’s largest student campaigning network, People & Planet.

Leicester's score has improved partly because of the improved data collection by People and Planet but mainly as a culmination of years of hard work sowing the seeds which are now bearing fruits.

Our most notable areas of improvement were in:

  • Engagement - we have just won Highly Commended Green Gown Award for our APPLES programme
  • Education - our ESD programme includes online and face to face inter- and extra-curricular opportunities and we are working on embedding sustainability skills into the curriculum
  • Energy sources - the CHP scheme and other initiatives such as solar PV are now paying off
  • Carbon Management - energy saving schemes across the University are saving valuable resources and reducing our negative environmental impacts.

This is a fantastic achievement for the whole University as we all contribute to our carbon footprint as well as our sustainability-related teaching and research.

This comes on the heels of the news that 86% of Leicester students in a recent NUS survey said that they believed that universities should actively incorporate and promote sustainable development.

However, we cannot rest on our laurels! Many other leading universities such as Warwick, Leeds and Newcastle also scored very highly so now we need to look at our weaker areas and develop them for next year.

Read the 2016 Annual Sustainability Report.

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