Can this really save the planet?

Posted by zat1 at Jan 22, 2016 11:12 AM |
Behaviour change 20p a pop.

Sustainability and behaviour change walk hand in hand as far as we're concerned, and more and more we are being told which ways are effective when approaching the student body. Creating habits that will become the norm, and shifting people's perspective to consider lands outside the realm of normality is all part of our job at the university. You may have passed by the new recycling promotional material dotted around the Students Union, or the 20p library café discount promotion when you bring your own reusable cup - all trying to spread psychological messages of how to act and behave.

The way in which sustainable living pragmatics is conveyed to the 'mainstream' of society has big parallels with how we talk about economics. In studies undertaken by Kahneman & Tversky, what surfaced portrayed the public disliking 'loss' and liking 'gains'. Clearly this can then be the basis to work from? So, you could be gaining 20p every time you buy a coffee, you could be gaining a smaller CO2 impact every time you choose to recycle. Money Money Money is what people want to know and that = £73 a year If you buy a coffee everyday! And that's some savvy saving...

As part of the Environment Team, we are constantly trying to come up with new ways to encourage behaviour change with both students and staff, without appearing negative or chore-prescribing. So let's jump of this loss-aversion wagon and grab hold of what we are gaining here!

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