Earth Day Every Day

Posted by zat1 at Apr 22, 2016 10:20 AM |
Earth Day is about demonstrating support for environmental protection, and that's exactly what we've been up to at our wildlife site Blackthorn Manor!

Today is the annual celebration, we will be out litter picking at lunch, and sharing the Earth -love all day long on social media. If you're struggling with ideas for Earth Day, simply start by reflecting on your day to day life and how you can makes positive sustainable changes for good, the internet can sometimes be your best friend.

Blackthorn Manor has received some much needed love this year - and with the help of Zora's bird project, we will hopefully be seeing more biodiversity flourishing on site.

Biodiversity is the foundation of ecosystem services to which human well-being is intimately linked. We've all watched David Attenborough, we've all been drawn in by the beauty, if not the narration of our Earth's miraculous nature. But why should we care about the importance of it all?


Three reasons to care:

  1. The need for pollination! Bees have grabbed some much-needed media attention in the past few years. A lot of this attention particularly by NGOs such as Friends of the Earth has focused on the research of dangerous pesticides by farmers which are dangerously toxic to bees. Pollinators transfer pollen and seeds from one flower to another, fertilizing the plant so it can grow and produce food. Without bees to spread seeds, many plants—including food crops—would die off.
  2. Birds are wonderful. They take part in propagating and distributing plants by pollinating flowers and transferring seeds to other locations as many of them are migrating animals. For the same reason, by increasing the population of migrating species, we also contribute to their conservation in any other countries that they visit. Bird are also resources for host-specific parasites, which are key elements of a healthy ecosystem. Other species such as owls control the rodent population, which are agricultural pests. At Blackthorn Manor, by placing bird feeders, boxes and planting fruit trees, we encourage local wildlife to feed and nest on the site. By doing this we don't disturb the habitat, and we create a lifelong project, with minimal future costs of bird feed.
  3. Trees have more value than life. Trees act as the ultimate carbon-off setter, a reduction tool that makes us all feel strong, oxygenated and less at fault for our carbon heavy habits. We've been planting very young trees from the Woodland Trust for the past few years, having planted 500 already this year at Stoughton Road playing fields in Oadby. This is part of an on-going relationship to improve on the thousands of trees we already have planted on our sites.