150 Fairtrade Breakfast eaten in under 3 hours!

Posted by hp136 at Mar 07, 2016 04:18 PM |
Fairtrade Fortnight Fun with GeogSoc reaps results!

With this year's theme as 'Sit down for breakfast, stand up for farmers' we worked with GeogSoc this year to see how many Fairtrade breakfasts could be eaten on campus in 1 day of action! The array of baked goods donated by GeogSoc and the Environment Team ranged from tiffin, and chocolate cupcakes, to vegan uber-healthy coconut muffins and banana bread, plus a crateful of Fairtrade bananas donated by Co-op, who also donated a heave of Fairtrade goodies for our raffle. All with the same aim of including one or more Fairtrade ingredients - the most surprising being Fairtrade cardamom pods!

It was an early 8.30am start to catch out those Starbuck-needbies on the way to their 9am lecture... Surprisingly (although it probably shouldn't be as the breakfast was a free event) everything was gone by 11.30am! 150 Fairtrade breakfasts were eaten (this counting as something to eat and drink that is Fairtrade) and £40 was raised for the Fairtrade Foundation - which adds to the national tally and fund. This is a fantastic result of a small scale event that reaped benefits from staff and students, helping to start the conversation about fairer trade and letting people express their interest and prove that they already buy Fairtrade when they can. Plus, all the plates, cutlery and cups were biodegradable and have gone on the Brookfield compost heap - making the event a close to zero-carbon event too - result!


GeogSoc has worked hard this year to integrate themselves into a the Environment Team's goals and actions, sending representatives to the SSWG, contributing to our waste a recycling projects and awareness campaigns in the Students Union, and taking the lead on Fairtrade Fortnight!


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