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The short course Sustainable Futures is back, the course will run from 25th January - 6 May 2016


What is Sustainable Futures Online?

This short course provides an introduction to Sustainable Development through five units which discuss interrelated global problems which arise from our exploitation of Earth and potential solutions to these issues. The units cover:

• The history of sustainable development
• Limits on Earth’s resources
• Energy and climate change
• The security of food supply
• The collapse of past societies

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How is the Course Delivered?

The course is delivered by a suite of short on-line lectures and activities.

The course will be supported by an open format Blackboard forum where students can discuss the issues raised by the proposed topics for reflection throughout the course. A fortnightly scheduled discussion on Blackboard will enable participants to come together with a staff member to talk about the course content.

To find out more, you can contact: Daxa Patel 0116 252 3574 or email Prof Derek Raine jdr@le.ac.uk or visit www.le.ac.uk/sustainable-futures

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